Numerology Workshops


Numerology Workshops

In this workshop you will learn all everything you need to know about yourself and others using Numerology.

I will be working your own personal numbers out in advance and I will also work out the numbers for one other person in your life and therefore it allows you to get more knowledge for yourself and that significant someone!

Numerology is a valuable skill to learn if you wish to develop a deeper understanding and insight into others and yourself. It enables you to forecast the circumstances around you (and others) at any given time so you can live your life in harmony with your cycles.

This is a professional Power Point presentation workshop. It is easy to understand and we will have great fun! In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Birth Day Number
    Your talents and tendencies
  • Life Path Number aka Birth Path or Birth Force Number
    Your talents and abilities, the unique road you will travel your entire life
  • Destiny aka Expression Number
    Your actual purpose in life, your mission or destiny
  • Soul’s Urge aka Hearts Desire or Soul Number
    Your true motivation, what makes you feel complete
  • Personality Number aka Outer Personality Number
    The external image you project, how others perceive you
  • Karmic Numbers
    Numbers with Karmic lessons that must be learned in this lifetime
  • Personal Year & Personal Months
    The situations and circumstances for the year and each individual month

The cost of this workshop is €99.00 and is run monthly.