Testimonials and Recommendations

Amazing Transformations

Grainne is an amazing facilitator, teacher and Friend. I have gained so much and grown exponentially doing the Artist's way. Its a simple investment, but it is worth every penny!

Keith Harding,
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Angel Lover

At a time where there is much concern about children and their spirituality, this book opens up the wonderful world of angels. I bought it for my 8 year old daughter. It is very well written with beautiful colours. A highly recommended gift for kids!
Angel Lover,


I love this book. It introduces kids to Angels but I bought it for myself. I like the activities for kids and the astrology all the information about Angels and numerology but what I find most helpful is the meditations. You do not even need the Oracle cards to go with the book. Ms Tyndall explains how to use the book without the cards. I hope to see more of this author's work in the future. I am also very satisfied with the seller. His description of the condition of the book was accurate. The book was delivered well packaged and on time.


I was unsure at first what to expect as I had never attend any similar type of course/workshop etc which dealt with me and my needs and of course discovering that I had needs. This book of Julia Camerons is a treasure and Grainnes insightful way of leading us (group of 11 women) through the ups and downs of each chapter allowed all of us to think, dream and act on realities in our own lives that could change. Sounds deep yes but it was food for the soul..and Grainnes bright, kind, generous personality enables each one of us to understand (a little better) that life can be more cheery, more alive and more worth the journey!


What an amazing and beautiful journey Gráinne took us on during The Artist's Way course. Enriched, blessed, empowered and privileged are only some of the words I can use to truly describe how I feel today. Gráinne has a natural gift for gently drawing out the inner child in all of us and taking that child on a wonderful journey of recovery and rediscovery. A truly life changing experience. I am already booked in to the follow on course and cannot wait! Thank you so much Gráinne, much love,

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