Numerology of 2015

Numerology of 2015

As we say goodbye to 2014 which for many was a year of deep inner healing and learning from the past, we can now welcome 2015 which promises to be a very interesting one, numerology wise that is!

2015 when the digits are added together comes to the number 8 which represents infinity and therefore infinite possibilities for us all abound this year. 8 also represents power, abundance and business opportunities so lets take a look at some well known personalities and see what is in store for them in 2015.

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge:

The Duchess was born on January 9th 1982 which makes her life purpose a number 3. This number is sometimes called the sunshine number and part of Kate’s life purpose is to connect and bring people together. When she moves into her new year on her birthday, she will enter into a Personal Year 9 which is the final year of a cycle which began for her in 2006. Although this year is usually associated with letting go of what no longer serves you, for Kate it is equally the start of a new venture with the birth of her second child. I feel that she will embrace a new humanitarian cause this year, possibly in Hospice Care or working with a Children’s Charity. 2015 is ultimately about clearing the way for another 9 year cycle which will begin for Kate in 2016.

Miriam O Callaghan:

Miriam O Callaghan was born on January 6th 1960 which makes her life purpose a number 5. The Archetype associated with 5 is the Adventurer who values freedom above all else. Her love of freedom extends beyond concern only for her own freedom, as she would have a genuine concern for the welfare and freedom of others and is deeply compassionate. Miriam is moving into a number 6 Personal Year in January 2015 and her main focus will be family and loved ones in her immediate circle. A number 6 year is all about responsibility to family and the obligation to serve humanity is paramount. In family, Miriam must be especially mindful of children and their emotions for as parents, we teach by example.

Mary Kennedy:

Mary Kennedy was born on October 4th 1956 which makes her life purpose a number 8. 8’s are natural leaders and entrepreneurs who have passion and ambition which when channelled correctly can achieve anything. Mary will always need to lead an holistic way of life as the number 8 is all about balance. For most of 2015 until she reaches her birthday or new year in October, Mary will be in a number 4 Personal year which is about hard work and setting structures in place. Upon her birthday in 2015, she enters a number 5 year which will be a welcome relief as it is all about freedom and break-through. Therefore, if Mary establishes the framework from now until October 2015, she will then enter a major time of change with a great deal of travel opportunities.

Amy Huberman:

Amy Huberman was born on March 28th 1979 which also makes her life purpose number a 3. Amy exudes charisma and many no. 3’s are drawn to acting and the Arts as they are the most creative of all the numbers. When Amy reaches her birthday or as we say in Numerology, her New Year, she too like the Duchess of Cambridge will be entering a number 9 Personal Year. Interestingly, the both will have given birth to their second children close together and they have the same Life Path Number and Personal year. 2015 promises to be a highly creative year for Amy and I see her writing more books and even stepping behind the camera to direct and produce. March 2016 is her new beginning of a fabulous 9 year cycle.

Amanda Brunker:

Amanda Brunker was born on June 12th 1974 which makes her life purpose a number 3 like the Duchess of Cambridge and Amy Huberman! No. 3 love being the centre of attention and are excellent at networking and making people feel joyful by just being in their presence. Amanda moves into a Personal Year no. 8 on her birthday in 2015. This will prove to be a wonderful year of success and abundance as everything Amanda has worked towards since 2007 will start to manifest. This could be the year that Amanda makes her big break in the entertainment business so watch out world!

Grainne Tyndall is an International Numerologist based in Dublin. She sees clients on a private basis. Her website is for bookings.

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