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Women's Way
I am now the Resident Numerologist with the Woman's Way Magazine and below is my first article of 2015. As we say goodbye to 2014 which for many was a year of deep inner healing and learning from the past, we can now welcome 2015 which promises to be a very interesting one, numerology wise that is!
Exploring your soul contract
I am delighted to announce that from January 27th 2015 I will be running a morning programme called “Exploring your Soul Contract’. This is a 6 week programme covering all aspects of our Soul Contracts and we will discuss in depth the Guardians of our Souls – our Angels and Spirit Guides.
Numerology Readings
What does a Life Path Reading Consist of? A Life Path Reading based on your name and date of birth reveals everything you need to know about yourself to enable you to reach your highest potential and to empower you to manifest the life of your dreams. Your Soul Mate Reading: Based on Numerology, if you have a significant someone in your life once you, I can work out the compatability of your numbers based on your life path for added insight into your relationship and if they are your soul mate!! All Readings take approximately one hour. The investment is €70.00.

Who is Gráinne Tyndall

and what is Numbers 4 Success?

Grainne Tyndall is an international numerologist based in Knocklyon, Dublin, Ireland. Grainne facilitates workshops in numerology, the Artists’ Way, and Exploring your Soul Contract.

What can Numbers4Success and Gráinne Tyndall do for you?

  • Are you at a crossroads in your life?
  • Are things just utterly stuck?
  • Do you feel you are off your path and unsure where you are going?

Perhaps a numerology life-path reading with Gráinne could help you find your way! Gráinne incorporates her custom blend of numerology with the law of attraction to help you find your true life’s purpose. My looking at where your numbers are placed,Gráinne will identify key traits and aspects of yourself that can help you realise your highest potential. Unlike tarot readings, numerology combined with the law of attraction can enable you to better understand your place in the Universe and help you explore and develop a better relationship with yourself.

What is Numerology

Western Numerology was created by the Hebrews and then brought to prominence by Pythagoras the Greek philosopher and mathematician approximately 2,500 years’ ago. Through analysing your name and date of birth I can assist you in uncovering  and interpreting your purpose in life, your destiny, the path you will walk as well as your soul’s true purpose.  Numerology can also assist in the areas of romance, career opportunities, and prosperity.

Your name and date of birth are no accident. Through numerology they can help to reveal the real inner you.  By calculating your personal month and years through your date of birth, you will know when is the right time to attempt tasks, take up new endeavours and contemplate what challenges and lessons you are here to overcome, thus helping you become happier and achieve greater fulfilment.  

Understanding yourself is the key to your own Success!  Its written in your numbers. Go for It!

The Power of Angel Wisdom

Gráinne also works with Angel energy, and communicates with her guides to deliver to you important, relevant information.Gráinne is the best-selling author of “Angel Wisdom for Kids”, a publication which introduces children to Angels and messages they may bring. Unlike other Angel cards, these can help and communicate to children powerful messages and help them develop a sense of creative power, self-acceptance and understanding.


2015: when the digits are added together comes to the number 8 which represents infinity and therefore infinite possibilities for us all abound this year.  8 also represents power, abundance and business opportunities so lets take a look at some well known personalities and  see what is in store for them in 2015.